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Monday, February 4, 2008

Video of a Central District Traffic Stop

Someone at posted a video taken of a traffic stop in the central district. While I agree that dispatching 6 SPD cruisers to pull over an elderly man for a traffic violation and then arresting him seems like overkill to me... (some witnesses stated the police made him come out at gunpoint).

at least one of the officers was good enough to walk over to the spectators and person taking the video to answer their questions about what was going on in a rather polite manner. Past incidents (especially this violent one) indicate that they are more incline to arrest people who photograph or videotape them making arrests.

The SPD needs more officers like that if they want to improve their poor relationship with the citizens of this city... but they can only do so much to repair the damage done by overkill displays like that.

Thanks for being diligent and taking that video, keep up the great work!

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