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Thursday, February 28, 2008

A Plea... And An Offer

Dear Seattle Police Officer's Guild (aka. SPOG)

All we want is for you to accept the OPARP's 29 police accountability recommendations. We want to be able to say that we don't fear our police officers, that we respect them, that we like them, that we are proud of them and the way they conduct themselves in the line of duty... and if you accepted accountability and oversight reforms it would go a long way towards reversing all the negative perceptions of Seattle Police Officers in Seattle, and everywhere in fact.

Just think, to be able to honestly say that the city of Seattle and it's police officers, led by their union, worked together to bring TRUE professional accountability and oversight to the Seattle Police Department through all this adversity, that would speak volumes to our police department's dedication to professionalism and to their city.

It's all we ask, it's all we want... So, what can WE do to help make that happen?

Let me know, I'll do it.

If you want me to come down to every police station and publicly apologize for anything bad I ever said about the SPOG and it's members, I'll do it in a heartbeat if you accept those 29 recommendations.

If you want me to walk around downtown Seattle in my underwear and wear a sign that says "THE SPOG IS SWELL!"... Heck, sign me up!

I tell you what... even if you want me to take this little website down, not talk about what was done to me ever again, and never say another bad thing about any Seattle police officers... I'll do that too.

Though my offers might not mean anything to you in real terms, I hope it at least shows that all we're genuinely interested in is for us to be able to be proud of our men in blue again.

Name your price, SPOG... What can we do to help you see that accepting accountability reforms is in your members' best interest as well as the city's best interest?

I know you read the site, so don't be shy... I'm not too proud to beg if it results in something good for everyone, please don't be too proud to do what's right either.


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