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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Help Wanted

Well, I've been thinking about taking a break from the blog for a while now, at least until I get started with rehabilitation for my injuries. Besides, the workload from my paying jobs is piling up, my headaches are getting to be intollerable and make it near impossible to concentrate, and it takes me forever to write posts that could probably be written much better by a chimpanzee in half the time and with less spelling errors.

So, anyway...

If you want a job that pays nothing, litterally puts your life on the line, and does absolutely nothing for you but make you lots of enimies who have guns and can utterly ruin your life on a whim without any consequences or accountability, then let me know.

Because if that really sounds like something you want to do, then write me and I might just give you author rights to this blog... or suggest a good shrink.

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