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Friday, February 22, 2008

How Many?

If the part of this video where the police have their attack dog drag this man from his car before he even had a chance to get out on his own doesn't make you sick...

Then just wait until a minute into the video when one officer signals another officer and the cop turns to the camera with a big smirk on his face, pulls a packet from his pocket, and plants drugs on this victim of blatant police corruption. Does it make you wonder how many of the millions in US jails and prisons might also be the victims of this sort of corruption?

Now, sure, the video wasn't shot in Seattle... but similar allegations of officers planting drugs aren't new to the Seattle Police Department either.

What's to stop any officer from doing the exact same thing to you or me?

NOTHING... nothing other than a fear of consequences that only a fully functioning, independent, and empowered police accountability program can bring... this is why I live in utter fear of anyone with a badge, and you should to.

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