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Sunday, February 3, 2008


Well, folks, it appears that (the host of this site) has been at work censoring the site today. If you couldn't tell all of the images have been removed for an unstated reason, even the innocuous header image.

So if the site goes down completely I apologise for that, it won't be me that shuts it down.

**UPDATE** The images are back up, maybe it was a technical glitch, but if it was it is oddly coincidental since I recieved a message from a Lt. Ron Smith on behalf of the Seattle Police Officer's Guild the other day threatening a legal suit if I didn't remove a cartoon they printed in one of the issues of their newsletter, The Guardian, that voices their opposition to Miranda Rights from this site. (I promptly removed the image at their request, but it can still be found HERE at The Stranger)

So, hopefully it was a technical glitch, but it sure seemed wierd that all the images on the site went offline just two days later. And yes, I checked several other blog sites hosted here and none of them had a problem with their images.

Again, if the site gets removed, I'll do what I can to make another someplace else.

Stay safe.

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