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Monday, February 4, 2008

Copycat Cops

Sounds like nearby Bainbridge Island police officers are trying to take lessons from the Seattle Police Handbook on How to Brutalize Women Who Give People Legal Advice.

It appears that a local area civil rights lawyer, Kim Koenig, is preparing to file suit against the department for police brutality and false imprisonment after she was choked, manhandled, groped, beaten, and then detained without just cause for an hour and a half before being released.... all for advising her husband on what he should and shouldn't do when they were pulled over for a simple traffic stop.

Full story here at the Bainbridge Notes blog.

PS. Oh yeah, along the same lines of those stories, I'm not even going to get started about how sick this disgusting story out of my old home state of Ohio this story makes me feel.

Honestly, is the idea of treating women with respect and dignity that difficult for police officers to understand these days?!?

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