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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

About that advice...

Last month I posted some advice based on one of the steps I take to address my own concerns for my personal safety in regards to my own justified fear of police retaliation. Being that I always have my cellphone on me and a number I know will be recorded on speed dial.

For those who may have thought that it wasn't good advice or a serious suggestion, I ask you to check this story out.

Last February Irshad Amhed was stopped by officers in the Entertainment District. Police smashed his car window, tasered him and dragged him and his passengers out of the vehicle before charging him with resisting arrest. But Amhed is fighting that charge, and he has some strong evidence on his side. Amhed called his lawyer after he was stopped by police and ended up capturing the stormy incident that followed on his attorney's voicemail.

Now, you may say to yourself that statistically it's unlikely that you're going to encounter one of Seattle's abusive cops... but, by simply having your cellphone with you at all times and a phone number that you know will be recorded, like a lawyer's, on speed dial you can greatly improve your chances of prevailing in a case against police misconduct or brutality.

Don't rely on your camera or cellphone camera if it doesn't send video or images directly to another site because police can and probably will erase it. Also, make sure you don't gesture aggressively with the phone or else an officer might shoot you.

If such little effort and forethought can only help, why take the risk of an unprepared encounter with an aggressive and unaccountable cop?

Be careful out there, people.

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