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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The Blogroll

Blogs We Read

  • Western Massachusetts CopWatch - The citizens-based CopWatch organization for Western Mass who advocate against and monitor for cases of police brutality.

  • Chicago CopWatch - The citizens-based CopWatch organization for Chicago Illinois who advocate against and monitor for cases of police brutality.

  • Five Before Midnight - Dedicated to oversight of the Riverside California Police Department after state oversight was ended in 2006.

  • Blue Must Be True - Blog about police misconduct and accountability by an ex police officer and current instructor. VERY insightful perspective on the need for accountability and ethics within law enforcement. Highly recommended!

  • Photography Is Not A Crime - A blog focused on first amendment rights and photographer rights by photographer Carlos Miller who was arrested in Miami Florida for photographing police officers.

  • The Sable Verity - A group blog headed by a 31 year old mother-writer-activist with a mix of writers, and perspectives, from Seattle and the east coast. Once I found this one I got hooked, great stuff.

  • Behind The Blue Wall - A long-standing blog devoted to advocacy for victims of Officer-Involved Domestic Violence.

  • 206 Zulu - Local to Global networking for the Northwest's HipHop Community, some really great work on this site!

  • Apesma's Lament - A great blog by the executive director of Real Change

  • Fresno Criminal Defense - Fresno California blawg by criminal defense attorney Rick Horowitz who, while posting infrequently, offers some interesting insight into criminal law issues and police misconduct.

  • Prison Legal News - Dedicated to defending human rights.

  • Spokane Police Abuses - A blog about police abuse in Spokane and surrounding areas

  • Bad Cop News - Site that feeds and comments on police misconduct news stories from across the US, the number of stories put out per day is stunning. (Site went silent in mid-2008)

  • The Stranger Blog (SLOG) - Local weekly news publication's blog

  • Arbitrary and Capricious - One of the best Washington BLAWGs out there

  • Blogging Georgetown - Another great local blog

  • Washington State Criminal Defense Blog - A blog about Washington state criminal defense issues run by a lawyer from the Pelley Law Group

  • Simple Justice Blog - Great site by a public defender in New York

  • The Seattle Crime Blog - Local blog about criminal activity in Seattle

  • Bainbridge Notebook - A blog about life on nearby Bainbridge Island, some great reporting there"

  • Blogs and Sites That Link To Us
  • Up Your Staircase - Local Seattle blog by a "trans-classual" stuck between classisms (I liked it)

  • King County Jail Watch - A blog dedicated to be a voice for those silenced behind the walls, steel, and bulletproof glass of the King County Jails (stopped publishing in mid-2008)

  • Citizen Rain - Local News Channel Blog Listing

  • UW Law Library Legal Blogs - Listing of Law Blogs from UW's Law Library

  • Western Justice - A prosecutor's blog from somewhere in the western US

  • Pensees sur les USA - Balanced opinion for a reasonable US foreign policy in English and French as well

  • Class Traitor - The official blog wing of the Brobot Internationale

  • - A Video Blog (VLOG) from a former Seattle area radio host, he's posted some interesting videos of police activities from time to time as well.

  • ABA Journal - American Bar Association Legal "BLAWG" Listings

  • -'s legal blog listings

  • I See Seattle - A fashion-related blog in Seattle

  • Merlin's Beard - Possibly defunct blog about civil and human rights

  • Other Misconduct Related Blogs and Sites
  • CopWatch - The CopWatch site that gathers information on police misconduct along with guidance on how to establish monitoring programs. (last updated around 2002,but their forums still seem somewhat active)

  • Justice For Tracy - A site seeking help for Tracy Ingle who was repeatedly shot by police his Little Rock home during a "no-knock" raid and then denied medical care in jail when the raid failed to uncover anything illegal.

  • Attorney Paul Richmond's Training Guide for Videotaping the Police - A training guide for video taping police misconduct in Washington state and Seattle

  • Kurt Boehl - Criminal Defense Attorney in Seattle

  • The Stanford Prison Experiment - A page devoted to the famous Stanford Prison Guard experiment that showed just how easy it is for good people to abuse power in a prison setting

  • The Police Brutality Blog - A Blog about police brutality by the BASG (Black Accused Support Groups)

  • What Happened To Protect and Serve - A blog with various stories of police misconduct and the shift from Protect and Serve to Enforce and Punish.

  • Police Crimes - News and Information about police officers caught committing criminal offenses

  • Police Downloads - Site with various police use-of-Force Abuses listed

  • The Innocence Project Blog - The official blog for The Innocence Project

  • Law Enforcement-Police Misconduct In The US - A blog about police misconduct in the US started by a person who's brother was a passenger in a car that died as a result of officers deploying faulty spike strips

  • Stoptorture.US Blog - A blog speaking out against torture in US jails by a victim of "The Devil's Chair" (stopped publishing in early 2008)
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