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Monday, January 14, 2008

First KCCF Inmate Death of 2008

Another inmate at the King County Jail died yesterday. The name and cause of death are being withheld for now, but the timeline suggests the usual culprit.

The SUSPECT, a 49 year old male, was arrested December 28th under suspicion of auto theft. He was taken to Harbourview on Jan 2 and died 3 days later on Jan 5.

While the cause remains undisclosed, it sounds as if it was a slow death, one typical of past deaths from infections due to denial of medical care that the King County Jail is notorious for.

However, one report states the Seattle Police Department is investigating the death, which could also mean it was the result of an assault.

Was he guilty? If so, did his alleged crime merit a slow painful death?
...Nobody will ever know, he is another lost soul who never lived to see his day in court.

More when I can find out additional details.


I'll eat some crow on this one with my predictions. This inmate, Marc Wicker, died of natural causes, an aneurysm caused by hypertension, that probably wouldn't have been diagnosed whether he was in the jail or not.

This one doesn't appear to be the jail's fault at this time...

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Anonymous said...

You admit to mistakes? Nice! If only Gil & Greg felt the same way...

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