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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Additional Links and Resources

  • Attorney Paul Richmond's Training Guide for Videotaping the Police - A training guide for video taping police misconduct in Washington state and Seattle

  • Kurt Boehl - Criminal Defense Attorney in Seattle

  • The Stanford Prison Experiment - A page devoted to the famous Stanford Prison Guard experiment that showed just how easy it is for good people to abuse power in a prison setting

  • The Police Brutality Blog - A Blog about police brutality by the BASG (Black Accused Support Groups)

  • Bad Cop News - Site that feeds and comments on police misconduct news stories from across the US, the number of stories put out per day is stunning.

  • What Happened To Protect and Serve - A blog with various stories of police misconduct and the shift from Protect and Serve to Enforce and Punish.

  • Police Crimes - News and Information about police officers caught committing criminal offenses

  • Police Downloads - Site with various police use-of-Force Abuses listed

  • The Innocence Project Blog - The official blog for The Innocence Project
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