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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sturgis Shooting Update

-UPDATE: Charges have been filed on 08/28/08

A Meade County, SD grand jury reconvened Wednesday in order to determine whether or not any charges would be filed over the shooting that occurred in a Sturgis, South Dakota bar last week by an off-duty Seattle police officer who was attending the annual Sturgis motorcycle rally as a member of the Iron Pigs Motorcycle club. The shooting allegedly occurred in a crowded bar, filled with 400 - 500 people, called the Loud American Roadhouse during an alleged fight between that officer, Detective Ron Smith, and a Hells Angels motorcycle club member named Patrick McGuire who was hospitalized with two gunshot wounds.

As of Wednesday evening there has been no word on whether that grand jury has made any decisions on the case. Meade County and Sturgis area press outlets have not had any updates since this morning either. The Rapid City Journal has indicated that the grand jury was scheduled to recess sometime late Wednesday afternoon or evening but no word on whether a decision was expected at that time.

More to come as more information becomes available.

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