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Friday, August 1, 2008

The News Around The Net

Here's some of the news items going around the interwebs for this week:

Washington Criminal Defense linked over here in an interesting post about a new rating site. Remember RateMyCop? Well, seems like there's a new rate your judge site up. Somehow I get the feeling that isn't going to end so well...

Speaking of courts, Simple Justice talks about that NYC cop who got caught on video taking his frustrations out on a bicyclist, turns out he lied on his report, but there's a deeper problem than that...

Speaking of bicyclists and assault, The Stranger put up an article about that Seattle Critical Mass mess in their print edition, they did some great coverage on that one that blew the local media's out of the water... and I guess some reporter took it personal, guess that happens when you report on news by taking the word of the police as gospel...

Speaking of The Stranger, Dominic Holden talks about how those cops who shot that baby and his mom a while back are trying to make a disturbing defense argument about it in court, scary stuff...

Speaking of scary stuff, The Seattle Crime Blog got a pretty threatening letter about a story they put up. I know how that feels guys, guess some people feel all big and bad behind those keyboards... hope that garbage stops.

Also, about some garbage that went way too far, that story we covered about the governor of Washington being carded ended up in the news EVERYWHERE, even to The Agitator, lord have mercy, old people get turned away at bars somewhere every day...

Anyway, that's it for today. Sorry it's not the regular type of posting I do and that things have been slow around here, just these headaches and other pains have been taking a real toll on me lately... my apologies.


Anonymous said...

Making NYPD accountable 12 minute version.

Bring a video camera to the next critical mass in Seattle.

Packratt said...

Thanks for that link, it's a very frightening video to watch simply because it shows just how brazen cops can be when lying about what happened even when they know a multitude of cameras are focused on them.

The utter impunity is just mind boggling.


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