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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Around The Net Again

Some interesting stories, some of which I'll write more on later... but for now:

I don’t have to show my papers on demand; I don’t live in that kind of world” says Olympia attorney Legrand Jones about his fight against charges of obstruction for not showing his identification when Tacoma Washington police officers demanded it. -The News Tribune

More from The News Tribune about that Pacific Washington Police Chief that was busted for allegedly driving under the influence... where officers who responded to reports of an erratic driver didn't give the chief a breath test due to "medical concerns". City officials proudly proclaim the case will be dropped.

More Critical Mass madness, this time again from New York via an anonymous comment here and The Agitator which shares a video with us showing NYPD's finest in a frenzy of false charges and questionable use of force against Critical Mass riders there... something that, frightening enough, Seattle drivers have been demanding that Seattle police do to riders here... (watch the video, it's scary how easy it was for officers to embellish and trump up charges against so many people so quickly.)

Finally, jury selection began Tuesday in yet another civil rights case against the Seattle Police Department who's officers stand accused of leaving a man with a ruptured disc, bruised ribs, and a dozen Taser burn marks when they arrested him on charges that were later dropped... Police, yet again, claim that they did it out of self-defense when they allege the accused "punched an officer in the chest". (must be an epidemic of people attacking police officers in Seattle that we've not heard about, at least if you believe the police that is... more on this later).


Anonymous said...

One more for you, police punch teen 13 times in the face, then taser him. Amazingly the footage was captured on camera and the officer faces criminal charges.

I can't wait for the day when body cameras are standard issue just like bulletrproof vests. One device to protect the police, one device to protect the public.

Packratt said...

Thanks for the post, that is pretty damn disturbing, especially what the defense lawyer claims as to his client was just sitting there using the phone when the police did this.

The issuance of "always-on" personal cameras to officers would actually be a protection mechanism for both officers and the public... Any officers who complain that misconduct claims are false should support the use of cameras as a means to disprove all those "false claims" after all.

In any case, as wireless video and phot0graphic devices become more commonplace it will become much more difficult for officers to perform misconduct in the open like this... besides, if we have no expectation of privacy in the workplace, neither should the police.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for the link!

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