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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Monkey See...

Visitors By City For The Last 30 Days

The blogger over at Apesma's Lament, a really great local blog I try to make a daily habit of visiting, put up a map of his visitors for the month as a show of his obsessiveness with his blog stats... I share his pain.

While he blames his obsession on a hyper-focus aspect of his ADHD, I have to admit that I think mine comes from my PTSD, which usually forces me to imagine police officers reading this site while polishing their gun with that infamous "Gomer-Pyle-from-Full-Metal-Jacket-sort-of-look" in their eyes whenever I see a visitor come in from a police department's network.
That Officer Pyle Look

In any case, because of this case of seemingly justifiable policeaphobia that I've developed I actually use several different information gathering methods for this site, two of which give me a map-view option as well. So, even though I think his traffic just about doubles ours, I still thought it would be fun to share some stats too.
Visitors For Last 30 Days, Other Stat Counter

So, as you can see, I use multiple site monitors because each misses something the other sees. Oddly, this is especially true when I get hits from federal agencies for some reason... but, anyway...

What's more fun than that? Well, tying that to some of the more unusual traffic sources that send people our way. For example, one of those visits we got from that dot in China came from someone searching for "Grandma Vigilantes on High Alert"... Uh huh... didn't know China had a problem with elderly vigilantes.

Though that was funny, we also get visits as a result of some disturbing search efforts as well, such as what a searcher from Alberta, Canada was looking for; "will i face jail time 4 being to the to the police when my boyfriend did not hit me and i said he did"... Yes, that was an actual search term that brought someone here. Scary, huh?

Anyway, of the over 1,300 visits we've had in the last 30 days, about 22% came from some government network, be it city, county, state, or federal. At least one hit per day comes from the City of Seattle network and one visit every other day from the King County government network.

How do people get here? Glad you asked...

Visitor Sources breakdown for the last 30 days

Most visits this month came from keyword searches (most of those being related to the Sturgis shooting incident that is still under investigation), second place belongs to referrals (Thanks for linking to my posts!) and then direct hits from people who have the site bookmarked or whatnot, (thanks!).

Of the referrals, we got most of our referral visits from the following websites and fellow bloggers:
Top 10 Direct site referrals

(In that list, BTW, the Google referrals listed are only for Google feed readers, not searches.)

So, as you can see, watching the stats go by can be fairly boring, but insightful as well... so long as you're obsessive enough to watch them.

In any case, no matter how you got here or where you came here from, thanks for visiting!!!


Nick said...

"thanks for visiting!!!"

You're welcome! Seriously, I hope you can keep it up.

Packratt said...


Hey, thanks a lot! I really appreciate that!

...and I really do appreciate the people who take the time to visit, it means a lot! I hope I can keep it up too.

Five Before Midnight said...

I track my stats too. It's interesting to see where people come from and what search engines and terms they use. The biggest search term is the former police officer on trial for war crimes in Iraq.

I get about a dozen visits from different city computers on a daily basis. Visits from the state treasurer (who used to be the state attorney general when the department was under a reform decree) and visits from the DOJ.

Quite a few university visits. Search engines big right now are technorati, blog digger and Yahoo.

Packratt said...

Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone in that. Sure, it is very neat to see how people from all over the world end up visiting the site, especially since we're both so regionally specific in our content.

But, it can be scary too, at least it is for me. When I see a visit from DHS, or the city, or a visitor that I know is a police officer because of what messages they sent previously, it makes my heart skip a bit. This isn't for the feint of heart, wish I knew that when I started.

See, it's funny, I was still under the impression that officers were bound by a higher code of conduct, even after everything that happened to me proved that assumption wrong. (shows how powerful our faith in the police really is, huh?) When I started this site I thought they would be professional and correspond with me about content as, well, professionals... Man was I wrong, for the most part.

While a vast majority of the officers who visit have been rude, immature, and threatening, there have also been many ex-officers that have been supportive, reasonable, and even kind.

So it's a wash I guess. But it still makes me really vigilant about tracking visitors.

Thanks again for reading, and for sharing how you track stats on your site too!

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