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Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

While I do wish that everyone enjoys their Memorial Day, I hope that my friends currently serving stay safe and get back home soon.

I was going to write more... about how many of the people I know who serve do so to defend their idea of what America is, the concept of a free nation based on the rights of the individual as a human being, equal in standing under law.

I was going to talk about how disappointed my one friend was, who is a medic in the Army, when he came back from Iraq only to find that the police treated his own friend far worse than they treat injured enemy combatants in Iraq. He couldn't understand how they could work so hard to treat detainees humanely in a war zone while the police couldn't do that simple thing back home... but I've already talked about that when I posted my own story here and I've talked about what happened to me more than enough already.

So, instead, I just think I'll leave it short and spend my time today thinking about my friends who serve now and those who went before them, thank them for what they've tried to defend, and hope that those grand ideas that they fought for come back someday...

Stay safe, my friends... and thank you.

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