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Friday, May 30, 2008

The 200th Post

Well, just three short months since our 100th post, this is our 200th blog post... so here's some more statistics for the fun of it:A map of visitor locations

Site Visits: 5,450

Pages Viewed: 9,426

Average Time per Visit: 02:18

Percentage of New Visitors: 73.67%

Feed Items Viewed: 2,482

Feed Items Clicked: 1,415

Top Search Referrals:
1. Injustice In Seattle (and site name variants)
2. Police Misconduct Statistics (and variants)
3. Seattle Gangs
4. King County Jail
5. Seattle Police Guild

Top Site Referrals:
2. The Sun Times
4. BurbCopsChicago Blog

Top Pages Visited:
1. homepage
2. The Funhouse Case
3. Misconduct Attorney Contact List
4. Police Brutality Is Departmental Policy
5. DOJ Report Cites Constitutional Violations At King County Jail

Additional Known Post Views Through MSM Republication:
1. The Sun Times- 235,504 (wow!)
2. Rueters- 3,174
3. MSNBC- 485
4. CNN- 37

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