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Thursday, May 15, 2008 Censors Injustice In Seattle

Some of you might remember quite a while back when we announced that a site that rates blogs gave Injustice In Seattle a 6.9 out of 10 and we were pretty happy about that, especially since we never told them about our site.

Well, for reasons unexplained to us, that same site has since deleted it's references to and review of our site. We've tried to get an explanation but so far there's been no reply, but we imagine that some cops complained that people shouldn't support sites that question practices of police misconduct.

We really don't get much support and generally most people don't want to believe that there are bad cops out there, this kind of censorship is just one small example of that... In fact, behind the scenes we tend to get more hate mail than anything else.

But, even though this is a pretty stressful endeavor, we'll still keep at it because we know how tough it is to be the victim of police misconduct, even if others don't want to believe it happens, we know it does and we want to help support those victims and help stop it from happening to others. So it's odd to us that so many people would have such feelings of animosity towards an effort to help and support the victims of abuse.

Until next time, be careful and stay safe.


SusanK said...

Maybe because it's hard to rate your site. I support you but find reading your stories to be frustrating, depressing and/or infuriating.

I would give you a lower rank for not updating more often, but more frequent updates would mean more misconduct and that is a bad thing.

You also lose points for only focusing on Seattle (which is half-way across the country for me), but you do such a thorough job, you gain them back.

Overall, if I had to rate you on a scale of 10, I'd give you a 2 on the pleasure scale (not the funnest reading) and a 10 on the necessity scale. If I didn't think what you were doing was important, I'd never check your page. Maybe the changes you are hoping for will come so I can quit reading your blog.

Packratt said...

Thanks for the comment and the honest appraisal.

I try to update as much as I can, but with two jobs, a wife with a chronic health condition, kids, and my headaches it's a difficult proposition. Especially since my headaches get a lot worse when I have to deal with a lot of information coming at me or when I think about my own experience with police misconduct.

...and, as for not liking to read it. Believe me, I wish I had nothing to write about. It's a painful experience for me to write about these things, especially when they parallel my own experience too closely. I start to physically shake and get physically ill actually... sometimes I have to just lay down in a dark room because of it, just to try and get past the pain. no, it's not a fun blog to write either, and I'd be much happier to have a blog where I could just post funny photoshops or something. ;)

But, as you say, it is necessary to document these cases and to act as an advocate for these voiceless victims and that's why I do it. I wish I could do more stories from other cities... but it would be overwhelming for me right now. Maybe in the future, especially if things ever get better here in Seattle.

Here's to hoping that there is nothing in this blog for anyone to read someday soon... and thanks again for the comment!

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