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Friday, January 30, 2009

Visitors Of The Week

Since Five Before Midnight seemed to like my Visitor of the Day post last week... well, maybe "like" isn't the right word... but since she thought it was interesting I decided to make a new one for this week.

First... do you think anyone visited looking for info on how to donate to Oscar Grant's daughter's trust fund?


But, our first visitor of the week "winner" was just one among a few new visitors who apparently wasn't convinced by all the video evidence that Johannes Mehserle was wrong to shoot Oscar Grant, nor was he convinced that Pirone shouldn't have punched him without justification either...

...because nothing else could explain why he came here looking for info on how to give money to Oscar Grant's killer... unless he thinks police indiscriminately shooting people is a good idea, which wouldn't surprise me given some of the comments I've deleted lately.

But, that's just the runner up... Guess who was the most frequent visitor to this site this week...

Nope, it wasn't any of the usual visitors...

That's right, apparently the good ol' boys at BART aren't too busy to take some time out to find out what people are saying about their good pal "Punchy" Pirone.

Do you think sharing my visitor info is just too mean-spirited of me? Or do you think showing what all those nice cops do when they visit should be a regular feature?

Drop me a line and let me know what you feel.


Five Before Midnight said...

Wow. Sometimes I think including through looking at my site log that governmental workers have a lot of time on their hands to browse.

I'm fascinated by some of the visitors to my site. No really interesting searches lately. Most of mine have been for officer names and some of the lists have been interesting.

Including one from a city computer which alternated between the names of two officers who were the ones who were supposedly arguing at the station last week whether I was evil incarnate or merely evil because they had seen me witness them impounding a car. The deputy chief who visits my site via a bookmark under his own name (as he's told me he does read it). And the executive manager of my city's police commission.

I did have three visitors from three different ISP searches in one hour looking up the last names for three different gang detectives including one on a city computer. Probably them.

I did find out who my DOJ visitor was because he copped up to reading my blog when I saw him earlier this week. He's community relations.

Packratt said...

Well, I guess I could call what I feel about some of the visitors that come here fascinating... but usually I'd describe it as worrisome. There are different kinds of officers that are more prone to being abusive than others, one of those are the megalomaniacal egotist type that search for their own names a lot, and they are the type more prone to do something rash when they find it on a site like ours.

But, as for others, I do wonder why some of my visitors come here, especially federal government visitors like the DOJ, State Department, US Courts, DHS, DOD, House of Reps, etc...

Lots of interesting visitors, but mostly everyone stays quiet... perhaps it's the warning I put up on my comments page, but given the list of visitors I get described above, I'm obliged to warn people that their comments could be viewed by authorities that might not like what I write.

Sometimes I daydream that the feds are thinking of a way to have me deported... which would be fine since then I would be safe from retaliation for what I write. Meh, we all have our dreams I guess.

KTVU even visited here before they did their follow-up story showing Pirone punching Grant. I'd like to think they found that out by visiting my site, but it doesn't matter, so long as that story went public.

Yep, the traffic logs are pretty interesting sometimes. I'd like to say I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets... um... "interesting" visitors... but for some reason it makes me feel uncomfortable as well.

Thanks for the comment, and thanks for telling me about some of your interesting guests, I don't feel so alone about it now.

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