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Monday, January 19, 2009

Visitor Of The Day

As do most "bloggers", I use tracking services to monitor the site traffic and these services give me information about how people found the site, what they did while they were here, and other sundry details that help me figure out if the site is communicating its message well.

These services also help me find out which police department any death threats or various harassing messages were sent from... not that I can do anything about it, but at least I know where not to visit.

Every now and then, though, we get an... er... interesting visit that makes me just scratch my head. Like visits from the US Dept. of State or visits that come in with really bizarre search terms.

Anyway, today we were visited by this hapless guest and I thought I would share... because sharing is caring.

..and in case you didn't feel like clicking it to see if full size, this visitor came to us via a Google search which queried:
"I need information on going to another police department after being fired for offduty misconduct/dishonesty"

While I'd like to say I hope this gentle-person finds what they're looking for... I really don't, so I won't.

But don't say I didn't warn you to keep an eye out for any new police officers transferring in to a location near you.


Anonymous said...

US Dept. of State?? Wonder if they're concerned about criminal cops?

Please continue to keep us posted about any threats you and other similar bloggers receive.

Packratt said...

Yeah, that was a weird visit too... Sure, this site gets hits from the DOJ, DHS, DOD, and several other federal and local agencies all the time, but the State Department was an unexpected one, and more than once in one week too.

I dunno, either they got here on accident, were interested in one of the stories here, or are getting ready to offer me amnesty in a foreign country along with a ticket out of the US...

Thanks for the comment, it's appreciated.

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