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Monday, January 12, 2009

Police Misconduct NewsWatch for 01-12-09

A review of police misconduct and jail abuse stories making the headlines

Youth Manager In Juvi-Jail Accused Of Sexually Abusing a Minor
A "youth manager" at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center in Indiana is accused of forcing a 16 year old detainee into performing sexual acts for him on Christmas Eve. That same facility was the subject of a damning sexual abuse investigation just a few years ago.

The man is facing felony counts of child seduction and sexual misconduct and said he only spent a couple minutes alone with the boy when video cameras recorded him escorting the boy into his office where he stayed for nearly an hour with the blinds shut where he allegedly demanded that the boy perform oral sex on him.

$45 Million Lawsuit Filed For Repeated Incidents Of Civil Rights Abuses in MD
Salisbury MD is facing a $45 million lawsuit alleging that at least nine of the Salisbury police department's officers repeatedly brutalized and harassed Ceasar Bernard Savage. The first attack was in Jan 07 when officers attacked him after searching his car without his permission as part of an alleged burglary and/or drug investigation after they found evidence of neither. Savage was beaten so badly he awoke in the hospital with a broken jaw and missing teeth. But it didn't end there, read the story to find out what else they did to this poor guy, all without ever finding any evidence of a crime.

Federal Suit Against NY District Attorney For Protecting Homophobic Cops Dismissed
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the Monroe County DA in NY that alleged that he conspired with the Rochester police union to ensure that cops accused of shouting homophobic slurs and beating a group of gay men would not face criminal indictments in that case in exchange for the union's powerful endorsement during re-election.

A separate civil lawsuit against the city of Rochester for the officers conduct during the incident in question is still moving ahead.

Criminal Case Against Cops Accused Of Kicking HANDCUFFED Man Hinges on Whether Man Had Knife?
A bizarre excessive force case in Cape May County New Jersey has two Wildwood cops facing charges of excessive force for kicking a suspect in the head while he was handcuffed... but it appears the case hinges on the testimony of the cops there who seem to all have different stories about whether the suspect had a knife and, if he did, who found it...

Of course... not clear on how that matters considering the guy was kicked while he was handcuffed.

Officer Suspended After Refusing To Cooperate With Internal Investigation Also Faces Criminal Investigation
One time "officer of the year" with the Yonkers NY PD has been suspended without pay after refusing to answer questions during an internal investigations probe into allegations that the had robbed a suspected drug dealer at gunpoint.

While he is now also the subject of a criminal investigation by the US DOJ in this case, he has initiated a lawsuit against the Yonkers PD for suspending him and is attempting to retire from the force with his full benefits.

High Ranking Police Officer Suspended For Issuing Threats Over Radio
A Gloucester Mass police lieutenant has been suspended for only five days for issuing threatening statements over police radio. It appears that his radio was on while he was having a heated exchange over the phone where he threatened to hire someone to wreck his daughter-in-law's car.

Many petitioned for stronger sanctions because the episode was also aired on local news stations, but the department said it wanted to issue punishment that the union wouldn't appeal against. The high ranking officer will also have to attend anger management classes.

Sheriff Asks For Some Time Off For Personal Matters
Guadalupe NM is looking for a new sheriff since their old one has requested a leave of absence to attend to personal matters... the personal matter? He was arrested for driving drunk.

Wonder How Badly The Other Officers Behave When The Chief Misuses His Authority To Protect Bad Cops?
A Shoughton Ma police chief trial is scheduled to start today on charges that he misused his authority as a chief of police to threaten a businessman who filed a complaint against one of his officers to drop his complaint and for attempting to coerce that man into settling his civil claim against that officer.

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