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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Site Note

Sorry for the light posting lately, I've not been feeling well... hopefully things will be back up to speed shortly.

Thanks for sticking with us!


Five Before Midnight said...

Hope you feel better! It's getting hairy here. I just went on a politics site and my whole high school history was posted from classmates or

Last week, Classmates sent me an email alert that someone signed my guestbook. I went to access it and was pretty shocked to see it signed by a current or former police detective in my city. Just one week before personal information on that site was posted. The information itself is no big deal but it's creepy, especially with having my neighborhood posted.

Anyway, I feel like taking a break for a while. It's just too stressful. If I could sell my place and move, I'd be gone already. Maybe that's cowardly but after the neighborhood I live in was posted online last week, that's something to think about as well.

Take care, and as always, your blog is excellent.

Packratt said...

I'm sorry to hear they've sunk to using those sorts of tactics... of course, I'd like to say I'm surprised and shocked, but lately, I guess that wouldn't be true.

I definitely hear you on the picking up and moving idea, it's one I've toyed with for a while. But I've figured that I'd have to leave the country in order to feel at least a little bit safe, just not quite sure to where or how yet.

In any case though, I hope it stops at some point, or at least tones down a bit. It's amazing that if one of us posted all that information about a police officer like they do to you that we'd likely be arrested, but in their minds, it's ok for them to do it to you.

But, anyway, I'm feeling much better, thank you, and I hope you hang in there. It's always interesting to read that great political insight you deliver to the issues down there.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

I also hope you are feeling better soon. No need to apologize, there's a wealth of information and great writing on this blog.

To Five Before Midnight: Sorry to hear about this recent harassmnet. Can you sue these bastards?

Five Before Midnight said...

I could mostly to expose some practices but it's hard to find good legal representation here that's brave enough to take on the city. I don't know if that's a dilemma with civil rights attorneys elsewhere I think it probably is. A lot of the ones here have said they don't rock the boat. But they're civil rights attorneys or so they say but a fundamental part of being a civil rights attorney is to rock the boat.

It took us years to get ACLU help and we had a great guy from the NYC office but he didn't survive the 10% cuts that the ACLU had in its national office

Thanks for the nice words.

I did have an interesting foray into my favorite place, the IA office which is where I went to find out the employee status (and he's retired) and learned he didn't have an evil bone in his body. But then the sergeant said something a few minutes later that really contradicted his prior statement and raised more questions in my mind about this particular guy. I'm wondering if like most detectives who retire, he's a PI working for a certain councilman running for reelection. I'm already in the cross hairs of the political consultant team he hired along with other people.

But even though the guy's retired, they handed it off to the boss's boss who will probably do some damage control before he contacts me.

I'm really hoping the other guy wins. So hoping.

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