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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Important Notice For Law Enforcement Officers Visiting This Site

Log entry for visit from King County Government's network last night. He started writing his comment at 1:02am and his commentary in response to this story about King County deputy Paul Schene was finished at 1:33am.

Last night we were honored by a visit from one of King County's finest who spent over a half hour of taxpayer's time posting a comment critical of how I cover police misconduct but don't bend over backwards to praise officers for doing what they are paid, handsomely, to do. (Experienced officers in Seattle get over $100k a year before overtime, KCSO officers appear to get an average of $80k based on 2006 records)

I'm not replying to that directly, but I am offering a bit of information to all the cops who have felt the need to try and post comments here lately...

First, officers, let me ask you this, do you find articles critical of your fellow officers who have been found to have committed acts of misconduct in your police union newsletters?

Probably not, huh?

Well, do you guys see articles critical of officers who were convicted of breaking the law at the websites run by your fellow cops?


Do you expect that any of the thousands of organizations and associations out there dedicated to support police officers to also support the victims of police abuses?


Do you see those officer memorial sites also contributing money to make memorials to innocent people murdered by cops?

Unlikely, huh?

Then let me ask you this...

Why do you expect to see one of the handful (I could probably count the legitimate ones that haven't been scared off by threats from officers on my hands) of sites dedicated to helping and advocating for the victims of police misconduct to praise you guys and ignore all the stories of police misconduct and of officers who get away with it?

Why is it that, with all of the billions of dollars at the disposal of all these groups that support police officers, that you feel the need to attack the unfunded efforts of a few to help the people who are victimized by the worst of your profession?

Why is it that you are all so thin skinned and fragile of ego that you feel affronted when articles about acts of brutality performed by one of your fellow officers is posted anywhere in print or on electronic media that you feel the need to threaten those who simply report the truth?

Yeah, that wouldn't make sense, would it?

So, I'll make it clear for you officers, like the one who spent taxpayer time to criticize this site and the one who goes by "Bad Boy In Blue" from Tempe AZ who thinks it's a good idea to try and defend bad cops by slandering their victims...

This site isn't here to sing your praises, you have multitudes of others who do that for you all the time.

It is here to support victims of police misconduct and work towards making it harder for the worst of your profession to keep giving all of you a bad name through their unpunished misdeeds.

So, if you come here to trash someone just because they claim to be a victim of police misconduct, I'll delete your comment.

If you come here to criticize me for criticizing the police officers who do bad things and those who defend those bad acts, I will ignore you.

If you come here expecting someone with rose-colored glasses to fall for your sob stories about how we should ignore police misconduct because cops have it so hard, even when you have so many resources at your disposal and your victims have none... you will be sorely disappointed.

If you want someone to defend you no matter what horrible things you do, go talk to your union rep or your mom... don't come here.


Anonymous said...

"Why is it that you are all so thin skinned and fragile of ego that you feel affronted when articles about acts of brutality performed by one of your fellow officers is posted anywhere in print or on electronic media that you feel the need to threaten those who simply report the truth?"

Cops are obsessed with power and control. It must really irk them that they can't control how people think. Most of them probably became a cop for ego issues. The great majority are uneducated; police work is the only way they can have any power or status in life. It must be a huge ego fix when they get to "make" people respect them. They rant and rave about this site and others because have little respect for peoples' rights. If they did there wouldn't be as many horror stories. Since they are all about ego and image their simple minds can't understand that people have a right to be angry about police abuse.

"thinks it's a good idea to try and defend bad cops by slandering their victims..."

The classic blame the victim offensive defense. You should save and then post some of these comments so people can learn how these pigs really think. It just goes to show you deeply ingrained cop think is. They think they are above the law and can do no wrong. If accused of wrongdoing then you hear either lies or "they made me do it". It's like dealing with a six year old.

Packratt said...

Well, I really do wish that psychiatric researchers would do a real serious study on what goes on in the minds of abusive cops to see what makes them tick, how to identify which ones are at risk to be abusive, and if there's any kind of treatment they can get to improve themselves.

Of course, I also wish that they would also do a study on just how much damage is done by police misconduct to the victims, but that won't happen anytime soon.

As for saving their abusive comments... well, the problem with that is that this is a site devoted to help victims of police abuses so it wouldn't be helpful for them, the people already abused by the cops, to be exposed to even more abuse by them.

Besides, the cops already say horrible things about their victims in the press, on comment threads for news outlets, and on their own websites... I think they should be able to cope with there being one place where their vile vitriol isn't tolerated.

Thanks for the comment though, definitely some interesting points made.

Anonymous said...

Why are you hiding the IP of the cop? Post it and try to figure out who it was. Obviously, we know he won't be fired (given the multiple appeals he'd make), but it'd be nice to blast from the rooftops who he is and why he's wasting taxpayer dollars.

Packratt said...

The blacked-out IP is a different visitor. The IP address shown in the image is which is owned by King County Gov which holds the network range - according to ARIN WHOIS lookup.

Thanks for the comment, and hope I cleared that up for you.

Karl Mansoor said...

Good post. It needed to be said.

Packratt said...

Thanks Karl... It was something I needed to say.

Anonymous said...

I also wanted to say "don't delete". At first just because there's a naughty part of me that likes to see them frothing and fuming. But it could also be useful for building profiles (we can do that, too) and providing background in trials. Can you move them to a dedicated thread or something?

Packratt said...

Well, that's certainly an interesting idea... I'll give it some thought!

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the site, as much as it hurts me to read it. It's true what they say about ignorance, you know.

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