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Monday, February 9, 2009

Site News for 02-09-09

First of all, sorry for the slowdown in posting. With the economic downturn seeming to be in full swing, employers are in the position to demand more from the people they keep... so it goes for me as well and I've been bogged down in project work. Hopefully I'll have time soon to post something worth posting.

This leads me to remind readers that this site is a solo operation... it's just me. I'm not a lawyer, just someone who wants to give victims of police misconduct a voice and convince the general public that police misconduct is a real issue that they should care about. At the same time, I do try to give victims of misconduct and abuse access to the resources that were difficult for me to find as a victim myself.

But, being one person, there might be things I missed out there, so if there are resources you're aware of that I missed, please let me know!

Also, again, I'm not a lawyer. So, when you do write with stories of being abused by the police that plead for help, there are limits to what I can do to help. It frustrates me that I can't do more as well, trust me, each story I read truly disturbs me and some go beyond that even... but I can't give legal advice nor tell you how to file a civil rights suit... I'm not a lawyer.

  • I can refer you to civil rights lawyers or criminal defense attorneys if needed.
  • I can help you find the best way to present your case to attorneys.
  • I can publish your story but will only do that if you specifically ask me to publish it. (and yes, there are stories I keep quiet about that really need to be told because I wasn't asked to print them)
  • Or I can just listen and tell you I believe you, which would have meant a lot to me when I went through the same thing...

But there isn't really much else I can do... I wish there was more. If there is something else you think I can do to help victims of misconduct and detainee abuse, let me know as well... but remember I'm just one man and I'm not a lawyer.

Thanks for reading, and thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.

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