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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Annual State-Of-The-Site Survey

This site has been operational for over a year now and I've been wondering lately whether it's been close to achieving some of what I had hoped it would achieve.

This site is supposed to exist in order to help inform people about police misconduct and detainee abuse in order to:

  • Convince people that these problems are real, can happen to anyone, and are serious enough to prompt reforms to the way police and jails operate in the US.
  • Advocate on behalf of victims of such abuses who normally don't have a voice in order to convince people that more needs to be done to help prevent misconduct and to help victims of misconduct and abuse achieve normal lives after such life-altering events.

This site also exists as a resource for victims of police misconduct and detainee abuse in order to:
  • Help victims of police misconduct and detainee abuse find resources to help them address their immediate needs after becoming a victim of abuse.
  • Allow victims to tell their stories from their own perspective in order to help counter the media biases police departments, prosecutors, and government officials utilize against victims of misconduct.

Honestly, I don't know if this site is working as intended... So I've made some polls and I hope that our readers will take the time to let me know if this site is at least beginning to come close to doing what it was meant to do...

So, please take some time to fill out the poll questions below and or send us a comment or email to let me know how I'm doing with my stated goals or if there might be something I can do better.

Thank you.


Rob said...

Hi Packratt -

I just want to let you know that there seems to be an error with your polls. I was able to vote in the first one, but the rest didn't seem to take my vote. I refreshed the page and was then able to vote in the second one, but that trick didn't work after that. (I'm using Firefox 3, in case that makes any difference.)

Packratt said...

Thanks Rob, I'll check into it to see if I can fix it. It's a new polling widget I've decided to try out.

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