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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Police Misconduct NewsWatch for 11-23-08

Recruiting Video Stirs Controversy For Misconduct-Plagued Police Department
The San Jose Police Department is being taken to task over it's recruiting video that highlights militaristic police tactics due to recent concerns over that department's record of aggressive tactics, brutality, and racial profiling. The chief has said he plans on removing the video from the department's website... after it has been up for years and had succeeded in attracting the current batch of, well, aggressively militaristic officers they apparently have now.

Accusations of Police Brutality Against Obama Supporters Rise In Chicago
A third lawsuit has been filed against the Chicago Police Department over the alleged attacks by police on at least 27+ different African Americans in three separate incidents across Chicago on the night of Barack Obama's presidential election victory.

The first suit involves allegations by a family of 4 who claim to have been pepper-sprayed by officers who shouted racial epithets at them while they were riding in their car and cheering the Obama win. The second suit alleges that officer pepper-sprayed and shouted racial slurs at the residents of a West Side home. Now this latest suit alleges officers tasered and sprayed 22 residents of a West Side neighborhood while they celebrated the Obama victory in their yards and the street in front of their homes.

The president elect has had no comment about all the claims of violence and civil rights violations that occurred in his own home town against his own supporters who were celebrating his victory...

Also from Chicago, this time from Chicago Cop Watch
A former Chicago police officer has alleged in federal court that he once gave a judge money while attempting to obtain a search warrant. During the trial of his former partner, who is accused of stealing drugs and money from suspected drug dealers and then using the drugs to frame others when the pair's drug raids failed to turn up any drugs, he testified that they gave a judge a bribe after the judge asked for it... perhaps we should start a judicial misconduct watch soon?

Cop's Legal Defense Fund Helps Itself To Funds
Hartford Courant has an in-depth report on The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund, a non-profit organization that raises funds for the legal defense of police accused of misconduct. The report concludes that only pennies on each dollar actually make it to officers who ask for help... or maybe the cops might want to start up a legal defense watch?

Florida Officer Wanted In Child Rape Case Captured In Texas
Palm Beach County Florida sheriff's deputy wanted on charges of child molestation and rape has been arrested in Corpus Christi Texas. He fled with his family's only vehicle and his service weapon after he was confronted about the allegations... I guess his fellow officers closed their eyes and counted to ten before yelling "ready or not, here we come."

Lorain Ohio Police Department Subject of US DOJ Investigation
The misconduct-plagued Lorain police department is about to be the subject of a US Department of Justice investigation into how they handle complaints of misconduct. The department's reputation has suffered a number of very public scandals lately, including several charges of sexual abuse and police brutality and it appears as though the investigation was requested by Lorain council members after they received complaints from citizens and from a former police officer.

Acclaimed Police Officer Now Facing Charges Of Misconduct
An Ogden police officer who was chosen for a national award for his actions that stopped a 2007 shooting spree in a Salt Lake City mall is now under investigation by the Weber County Attorney's Office over an unspecified 2005 misconduct complaint against him. Both the department and prosecutors are refusing to give any details about the complaint, which makes the case sound even more suspicious than if they would have had a more transparent process, don't you think?

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