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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Police Misconduct NewsWatch for 11-19-08

Picture taken outside of the US Federal Courthouse in Seattle Washington

Border Patrol Chief Insists They Have More Authority Than God
More news about those US Border Patrol roadblocks I posted about the other day that appear to be violating 4th amendment rights against illegal search and seizure in Washington State. It seems as though the Border Patrol won't let it go even though nobody is willing to prosecute the petty drug possession cases they forward to prosecutors. The Agitator has more to say about this one today as well.

Bad Guard, No Porn For You
The Multnomah County Sheriff has ordered that jail employees will no longer have access to the internet after an investigation revealed that employees have been using their work computers to visit porn sites. Only employees that must use the internet for work during investigations will be allowed continued access.

Roids Are All The Rage For Police Officers
A Canby Oregon police chief has been placed on paid leave after it was discovered that he purposefully ignored evidence that one of his officers was purchasing and abusing illegal steroids and relaying departmental information to his dealer to inform him about upcoming drug raids. The investigation, done by the FBI, revealed that the officer, a motorcycle cop, would regularly go to the dealers house in uniform to pick up the drugs.

Police Department Refuses To Identify Person They Shot
A Collier County Florida Sheriff's department is refusing to release the identity of a person three deputies shot four days ago. The person shot remains in intensive care at a Fort Myers hospital under guard and people are starting to question why the department is refusing to release more details. Some experts suggest this unusual secrecy may be the sign of a cover-up.

The Sheriff's department alleges that the person shot had pulled a BB gun out of his backpack after riding bicycle up to deputies that were dealing with an unrelated traffic stop and that he was shot multiple times after he did not respond to warnings, in english, to drop the weapon.

The hospital and one commenter claiming to know the victim referred to him by name and said he's an immigrant named Jose David Ciracca and is being denied access to legal representation.

Come On A Ride-Along And See What Being A Cop Is Really Like...
An Atwater Minnesota police officer facing trial for alleged sexual assault against a female ride-along participant. The victim claims he physically restrained her and then groped and kissed her when she participated in the department's public relations "ride-along" program that is designed to show civilians what police work is REALLY like.

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Anonymous said...

elderly,disabled man in defense of home arrested for trying to keep hunters off property, after week in jail cuaght pnemonia near died in cell 40 degrees with one thin blanket,second court apperance ,prosecutor asked to have him jailed because he believed elder had not served time in jail,justice dept in yakima has none for disabled or elderly,after all the laws on books you'd think they would be jailed.
a note to new attorney general after jan 20 might help with RICHO ACT.
elderly, disabled

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