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Monday, September 22, 2008

Police Misconduct NewsWatch for 09-23-08

Abbreviated Edition

The Tale Of Elliot Hughes; Beaten And Tortured In St. Louis
"‘me and some friends were chanting for food,’ when six or seven officers came into the cell. ‘One punched me in the face, and I fell unconscious. An officer slammed my head on the ground, waking me up.’ Then, he said, he was dragged to a retaining cell, where the officers put a bag on his head and did, ‘pain compliance on me.’"

Another Journalist Covering The RNC Describes Her Arrest

"I'm a very small person; I'm 90lbs, five feet tall. They put my shoulders up like this [holds arms up above her head] and used pain compliance holds. Three of them did. Two held my arms up above my head and they're dragging me backwards. My camera is hanging down. The other person comes behind me and starts pushing right there, right there [indicates points on both forearms and upper arms] right there, right there--all the pressure points."

A Tally Of Journalists And Other Media Personnel Detained During RNC
"Of the 800-plus people who were arrested or detained in conjunction with RNC protests, a good chunk of them — 42, by our count — were members of the news media."

Portland Oregon Man Sues Police For Being Ticketed And Harrassed for... Videotaping Cops.

Chicago Cops De-Police In Response To Embarracing String Of Misconduct Cases

The Return of the Beat-Down Posse in New Haven?

Critical Mass Rider Tackled By NYPD Cop Blames The Department For Encouraging Misconduct for the incident Instead of the Cop himself.

Pittsburgh man claims he has photos of police beating handcuffed suspects.

Journalist Claims The Media Has A Responsibility To Ensure Justice System Works And Share Blame When The Innocent Are Punished For Crimes They Did Not Commit

Jackson Twp Police Officer In Ohio Reinstated After Beating His Wife At Her Office In Front Of Coworkers

Houma California Police Chief Faces More Allegations Of Misconduct And Sexual Misconduct From Fellow Officers

Lake City South Carolina Officers On Trial For Accepting Bribes From Drug Dealers

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