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Friday, September 19, 2008

Light Posting

Sorry for the light posting this week, been busy working two jobs and now I'm faced with yet another medical dilemma. Our 19 month old son has some sort of infection; what started out at first as a small pimple on his arm has erupted into a half dollar sized rash that we first thought was an allergic reaction to something... but now it's been a few days and it hasn't gotten better, just worse, despite constant bandaging and antibiotics.

So, while uninsured, I can either take him to a doctor and pay up front with money we need for food for the month, or take him to the ER which we can pay later but expose him to everything everyone else has... Either way, it's frustrating and worrisome... and either way I have to get him looked at soon, so it sounds like the ER for us.

So, no posting today either, and maybe longer depending... my apologies.

Update 9/23/0
8: I took out a payday loan and got him in at the doctor's office instead. They said it's a staph infection but we're still waiting on the test results. He's on antibiotics and we've been hard at work disinfecting everything each night and have bought a majority stake of stock in whoever makes generic bandages for the local pharmacy because, well, toddlers love to remove bandages as often as possible so I have been re-bandaging him every half hour or so.

As of today his arm is much better but his finger still looks bad, we're still watching closely and keeping in touch with the doctor but hoping we don't have to take him back in. In the meantime, I had time for a quick post today and an update here.

Yet again, an enormous thanks to those who wished him well, I truly appreciate it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I hope all works out quickly and effectively to address your son's needs. A prayer said for him.

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