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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cops Everywhere... They Lurves Us

This attack from a police blog...

...should be threat-tacular. Wonder if the good-ole-boys in blue out there will come up with better threats than the ones here in Seattle?

Guess it just proves that they really are "the same everywhere", unfortunately.

(and people wonder why I moderate comments here)


Anonymous said...

Imagine that, they filter comments too! While we're on the subject of Chicago...

Chicago police murder innocent man.

Packratt said...

Thanks for the comment, and for the link, reminds me of the case in New York that's at trial now.

You know, wouldn't it be refreshing if a police officer came on here and gave polite and reasonable assessments of the stories we recieve? Maybe, I don't know, accepted that some officers do bad things and admit that it makes them look bad when those officers do such things?

It'd go a long way to repairing the damage done, don't you think?

Instead, it seems they have no problem reinforcing the stereotypes that the only way they know how to handle interacting with people is to threaten, intimidate, and abuse in order to assert their control mentality on others.

I really really wish it wasn't that way. I find it really unfortunate that police officers don't grasp that people like me really don't hate them, we just fear them... and in truth, we don't want to fear them.

But they just keep acting in ways that reinforce the fears and stereotypes. It's sad really.

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