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Monday, March 31, 2008

About Those Threats...

Seems that the threats and harassment from police officers that we've been subjected to lately has frightened some visitors, which is unfortunate but understandable. While we do our best to protect the identities of those who visit the site with legitimate interests and the victims of abuse, it can be chilling for most people to see that just talking about police misconduct can result in retaliation by the police. It certainly surprised me at first, but I was still naive about the myth of police professionalism at the time I guess, especially before reading similar stories of death threats like this.

A few days ago I posted about those threats to try and figure out the possible reasons why officers all the way across the country might feel the need to threaten us. But one possibility I overlooked was that the threats were coordinated from an SPD officer in Seattle. Such a possibility seems out in the realm of conspiracy theory at first, so I didn't bother considering it...

Well, seems we had some interesting traffic come into the site last night right before midnight. One hit was directed from the chicago police blog that encouraged it's users to threaten us and at the exact same time we had a hit come in directly from the network.

Coincidence? Well, the odds of a coincidence became slim as I read the logs because both visitors were browsing to the same pages on this site around the same time, as if the two people were talking on the phone or IM and telling each other to check out certain pages or links. Additionally, you have to consider how odd it is for Chicago cops to be interested enough in a site specifically devoted to Seattle police misconduct issues to issue threats because of it.

Seems to me that perhaps some SPD officers decided to call up some pals in Chicago to do their dirty work for them. Check it out and let me know what you think.

the 68.251 address is from the Chicago cop blog and the 156.74 address is the city of Seattle network. Note they both come in at 11:36pm and both go to the same page at 11:38. Up further they continued to coordinate to other links as well, exiting out to another site around the same time.

If I'm right, it'll be interesting to see who they send next to try and intimidate us. As I said before though, all this harassment by police officers only serves as proof that a site like this is necessary because it's just another form of misconduct and unprofessionalism.

Sure, I can't do anything about the threats... and if they're going to make good on the threats there isn't much I can do about that either, I can't go and call the cops after all. So might as well carry on irregardless.


Anonymous said...

It's surprising to me that these police think that the internet is anonymous. It isn't. There are things that can be done to conceal one's identity somewhat, but people who spend time on the internet over the years often leave a public trail..and that information can be cross referenced. And e-mail on government servers are subject to FOIA and public disclosure.

Stay visible...stay safe.

politiques USA said...

Hello from Houston

I added you to my blogroll

Packratt said...

Thanks for the kind words and support guys, I really appreciate it quite a bit!

Sorry about the delayed response, I've been a bit busy lately.

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