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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SPD's Anti-Crime Taskforce in the News AGAIN?

Correct me if I'm wrong, readers, but this seems to be the FOURTH time that the SUV riding Seattle Police Department's Anti-Crime Taskforce has been in the news for alleged misconduct... I wonder if anyone other than myself sees or even cares that there is a definite pattern of abusive behavior here.

1. The Toro case in the paper today, chasing a guy in their SUV without identifying themselves as police or turning on their sirens or lights.
2. chasing another guy in their SUV and then tasering him in his own driveway before they bothered to identify themselves as police.
3. Jumping out of their SUV and bashing a jaywlker's head into the pavement 20 times in front of several witnesses.
4. Jumping out of their SUV and assaulting a girl from Canada and her boyfriend, for jaywalking, without identifying themsleves as police.

...because it's pretty obvious that the police chief doesn't seem to notice or care that his officers are apparently rampaging through the streets and terrorizing citizens without a care in the world.

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