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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Disgruntled Employees

In the business world, companies cannot afford to hold onto disgruntled employees that publicly and constantly complain about their employers or even threaten their employers. Businesses can't afford to keep and coddle them because it harms employee morale, it gives the business a bad name, scares away loyal customers, and it harms recruitment and retention efforts.

But, for some reason, the city of Seattle coddles and covers for the disgruntled police officers in its employ even when they take their threats and vitriolic complaints to public forums in very aggressive fashion. The problem is worse that if a business held onto disgruntled employees because these employees are well armed and tend to take their frustrations with their workplace out on the public they are supposed to protect.

For example, a user by the name of "Illustrated Man", who is clearly a police officer by the details of the work environment he uses in his screed against his employer, had this to say in a very public message board:
" a Metro City the pay SUCKS... the BS the PC Gubment puts out SUCKS! The SPIDER crap is just that CRAP... the CALEA stuff is a facade... can I get a what what??? The peeps of C-Town are gonna see a real bad scene start to occur....."

Further down in the same thread we see the following from "reppoc" (which is copper spelled backwards and another self-avowed SPD officer from statements in previous threads), who says:
"They better recognize that they need to fix the problem with the police pay or else...."

Now, I don't know any employer that would let spiteful employees talk publicly about them in such disrespectful and even dangerous terms, but the city of Seattle pays bonuses to keep disgruntled employees like these two on the force and clearly imperils the public by doing so.


The city council and mayor's office lives in dread of the Seattle Police Officer's Guild which actually prints these exact type of threats and rants in their monthly newsletters. I couldn't imagine being a happy employee in such an environment, even if I did like my job and my employer, being forced to work with such angry and bitter employees would drive me out...

...and that's why the SPD has such a problem holding onto the good officers and keeps seeing misconduct stories in the papers, because bad and disgruntled employees like this are coddled instead of tossed out on their butts like any other employee would be if they acted the same exact way.

Instead of endangering the public by letting these angry officers continue to patrol our streets, the city should identify and get rid of them so they can use the money saved to bring in officers that would love their jobs and love their city.

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