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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Site Donation Policy

As you may or may not notice, I've added a Donation button to the right of the page. I really didn't want to and held out on doing this for quite a while... but, to be honest, this effort has taken up a lot more of my time and resources lately. Frankly, to the point that my more pragmatic wife is questioning why her husband has put so much into this whole endeavor.

That, and with the economy as it is, things are extremely tight, as they probably are for most of you out there.

So, there's a donate button now... but it won't change anything, nothing is being restricted, it doesn't buy you any special access... but it would help me keep things going here. So if anyone out there feels the police misconduct news feed and this site are worthwhile and have a bit to spare, it would be appreciated.

Sorry... and thanks in advance.


Packratt said...

To the person that donated this weekend, thank you very much, it's greatly appreciated!

While I don't expect to get enough in to do the things I'd really like to... like buy a lawyer's time to help answer the legal questions I get, or file public records requests, or get better site layout, or get a phone line devoted to the site, or any other of the things I hope to do some day...

Every little bit helps, and who knows... so thank you for being the first!

Anonymous said...

"The news feed and compiling the stats took a tremendous amount of effort. Both in time and in emotional cost, it's difficult for someone like me, who has suffered from police misconduct, to read and report on it since I can't help but put myself in the victim's shoes for each story."

When I first read this I was going to suggest asking for some help. There's no shame in it and I know how every little bit helps when the chips are down. What you are doing with the Twitter and stats is so important, I can't believe it wasn't already being done.

And please, do no forget that you are also speaking for those who cannot. How sad is it that the lives ruined by cops quickly become old news? The Grant shooting for example.

Packratt said...

Actually, I have been trying to think of a way to keep stories active so that, at any given time, you could look at a page that would list all active allegations of police misconduct that are currently unresolved, (i.e. pending trial, investigation, etc...)

That way people could be reminded of the justice that some are still waiting for... but, wow, talk about an undertaking that would take a lot of time and effort to set up... unless I could quit work and do this full time there would be no way to do it.

Thanks for the comment!

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