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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Follow That Twit!

Updated 03/22/09-15:00
As you may have noticed, I've decided to see if Twitter can enhance the site and so far it seems to be somewhat useful. It allows me to send out brief updates on articles I notice during the day or let people interested in the site know what I might be working on without having to throw out a whole post about it.


It's going to be fairly useful now as I probably won't have time to put out a full article for a few days due to work, I've just been slammed with new projects unfortunately... and the work I do on this site isn't meant to pay the bills. (in fact, I actually pay to do this.)

So, until work settles down a bit I'll have to resort to putting out more tweets about any important stories I see. So follow us there or here through the twit-feed.

Until next time, folks, stay safe out there!

 UPDATE 03/22/09: Sorry folks, still putting in about 18 hours a day at work... no, I don't get overtime, but with the threats of layoffs hovering overhead, I do what I can to keep food on the table... hopefully I'll be able to get things back to normal here soon.

Did have time to write up one story based on a reader's letter, but it's waiting that person's permission to publish. Keep checking the Twitter feeds in the meantime, bunch of stories linked there.

Thanks for reading!


Five Before Midnight said...

Don't worry, we all have those times when we can't blog as much as we like. I'm having technical difficulties the past few days. Writing about the controversies of one city council election has elicited quite interesting responses. Like being called a "cop-hater" for the zillionth time and accused of harassing cop families has any effect.

But this happens almost as much with covering civic elections as it does police issues and happens every election cycle. After the election, the crowd disappears for a while until next time.

Take care.

I'm still trying to figure out exactly what Twitter is! It sounds fun.

Packratt said...

Sorry to hear about the technical difficulties, saw that on your site. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

As for the commentary... that old "us vs them" mentality just gets so damn old. Seriously, the ones making those sort of statements say they don't want to be judged by the actions of the bad ones, but then they do to us what they think we do wrongly to them.

Actually, to my own detriment here, I often tell people they need to remember that there are good cops out there, that there are times when they are wrongly accused like we can be, and that it's wrong to lump any group of people together via prejudice.

To solve the problem of police brutality we have to work with good officers and support them when they put it all on the line to report misconduct, so we have to first accept that there are good cops out there and stop all this us vs them nonsense on both sides of the debate.

...but, that's all idealistic, I know. But it is the truth and I think you see it the same way, so I know I'm preaching to the choir here. But this is why it's always so disappointing when I hear you're being harassed like this, you don't deserve that kind of reactionary response.

As for Twitter, it's pretty useful to put out quick short notes, like a little news-brief of sorts. It doesn't replace the need for detailed posts, but it can supplement the blog like I've been doing.

Look into it, it's also useful for getting info sometimes, though I haven't had time to set out to see what feeds might be useful.

All the best, and thanks for the comment! (and sorry for the book-reply)

Karl Mansoor said...


You need to get a picture on your website with you and a bunch of cops in a nice friendly, smiles all around, picture.

Then put a big title over it saying "I Love Ethical Cops."

You know - a marketing endeavor.

Wear dark sunglasses and a hat to mask your identity for the stubborn cops.

...might be difficult to get a large group of ethical cops together though, and especially to pose for a picture.

Packratt said...

Brilliant Karl, are you sure you got the right calling in life? Ever think about a career in public relations or marketing?

Oh, and no need to put FBM at any unnecessary risk, I can just photoshop her into a picture...

Still, you're probably right, might be difficult to find a a picture of an actual group of ethical cops all standing together.

Thanks for the comment Karl!

Five Before Midnight said...

LOL and thanks! :) Great idea!

The officers posting these comments including some potentially libelous ones against a political candidate who's running against the one they've endorsed did the same thing on my site against me when I started my blog. They're back because the department wrist slapped them to appease the state attorney general so he would release the department from the consent decree he imposed against it and then gave some of them civic awards.

And did I mention, the city council member whose supporters are engaging in this conduct lived with the police chief for several years? People found out because the councilman's stepson used to threaten people he didn't like by saying, "did you know the police chief lives with my stepfather?" And people said, no but thanks for telling me. The police chief moved out just before the election.

I don't know what to say about my city sometimes and the characters who occupy it.

Thanks again for your supportive comments you two.

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