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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Police Misconduct NewsWatch for 12-23-08

Denver's "Independent Monitor" Refuses To Investigate Misconduct Claims
Denver's police monitor refuses to investigate allegations of misconduct during the DNC simply because he felt that the police "had no reason to lie" about what happened. (Guess he got some of those t-shirts the officers made to celebrate mistreatment of protesters for free).

The allegations against the Denver police include that the department withheld exculpatory evidence during trial against protesters, that they never gave an order to disperse before attacking protesters, that an undercover officer posing as a protester attempted to spark an aggressive response by resisting arrest, and that officers assaulted an innocent 80 year old man who was accidentally caught in the middle of the police department's attack against protesters.

Yet More Lawsuits Against Chicago's Corrupt "Proactive Policing" Special Operations Section
Chicago has reactivated the previously disbanded "Special Operations Section" while lawsuits caused by that unit continue to roll in... The chief just has faith it'll be different this time around, even though many of the same officers are still on that squad.

An Update On Chicago's Other Infamous Police Unit
Meanwhile, again in Chicago, other officers associated with Burge's torture division will likely not testify in order to avoid self-incrimination and the state's Attorney General is trying to duck responsibility in bringing the rest of the officers accused of torturing suspects to trial.

Officers Threatened To Arrest A Supervisor When He Wouldn't Help Them With Racially Motivated Attack
In a very egregious Charleston WV case of racially motivated brutality, a supervising officer testifies against two officers who beat a man because he was black and his wife was white. The supervisor also alleges that the officers threatened to arrest him as well when he tried to intervene. This apparently wasn't the first time these officers were accused of this either.

Officers Break A Man's Face In Six Places, Call It A Textbook Arrest
Salinas California police department claims officers were doing the right thing when they broke an innocent man's face in six places. The man claims he was kicked in the face by the officers while officers claim his face suffered such massive damage... from just being tackled.

Houston Texas Police Department Faces Diversity Training
Houston officers have been ordered to undergo diversity training after officers held a taser to a homeowner's head and handcuffed his family, the officers claimed they did it because the homeowner was wearing a turban and that made them suspicious... The officers arrived at the homeowner's residence because the homeowner called 911 to report a potential robbery and he was wearing a turban because he's a Sikh.

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