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Monday, October 6, 2008

Miscondcut NewsWatch for 10-06-08

Police Misconduct In The News

Police Accused Of Setting Man's Home On Fire For Filing Complaint
In Kampar Malaysia a man has been assaulted, threatened, and had part of his home burned down for filing charges of police brutality on behalf of his young son who was allegedly slapped, choked, threatened, and almost had melted plastic poured over his genitals in an effort by police there to make him confess to supposedly stealing his teacher's purse.

Wrongfully Arrested In Prince Georges County
A man who was wrongfully arrested and detained for 9 months in a case of mistaken identity has won a civil case against Prince Georges County in Maryland. If that place sounds familiar it's because their police force has been in the news so many times lately that we've lost count.

Officer In Wrongful Death Case Never Disciplined
A Youngstown Ohio police officer who is now the subject of a wrongful death suit was found to be in violation of city's pursuit policy when he hit bystander's car at 75 miles per hour but apparently was never disciplined for it.

Jail Guard Assaulted Pregnant Detainee
Two Jacksonville Florida corrections officers are facing criminal charges one for falsifying reports and another for assaulting a pregnant detainee.

Police Officer Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Suicidal Woman
West Jordan, Utah officer is being held on charges that he allegedly committed sexual assault and battery against a suicidal woman while on duty in his cruiser. The officer in question was to take the woman to the hospital but instead, allegedly, he parked in a shaded part of the hospital parking lot and allegedly groped the woman while she was handcuffed for over an hour until dispatch called to ask where he was, at that point he finally took the woman to be checked into the hospital, according the the report.

Police Threaten Feds For Prosecuting Police
The head of the Gary Indiana's police union threatens that police officers will be unwilling to work with federal authorities in the future just because the justice department prosecuted the ex-chief and two other officers on federal civil rights violations stemming from a raid orchestrated by the chief against people he suspected of stealing from him... and they're going to take their ball and go home too.

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