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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Seattle Police Arrest Superman

file this one under random Seattle weirdness

KING 5 News is reporting that the Seattle Police have detained a man wearing a Superman costume today on an unspecified outstanding warrant after he allegedly made threats to abduct a baby near a cafe on 3rd and Pike.

I saw that guy yesterday in fact. The kid was a fairly skinny younger man, maybe around 5'9", wearing a worn out thin red cape that was so long he kept stepping on it, a faded dark blue t-shirt with the familiar S logo, black sweatpants, and had a pair of red underwear or "Speedo" type thing he was wearing on the outside of his pants.

If my only digital camera hadn't have mysteriously vanished from my luggage during my super-secure business trip a few weeks ago I would have taken a picture of him as I waited for my bus while he, annoyingly but harmlessly, spun around and danced in front of a crowd during an afternoon musical performance at Westlake Center. He was clearly suffering from some sort of mental illness, but appeared harmless as the tourist crowd generally ignored him as he danced to the music and tried to engage random strangers in schizophasic conversation.

Ah... what will Metropolis do now that good ole Supe is in the slammer?

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