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Thursday, April 10, 2008

He Asks For A Link...

Stills from a video of a
Knoxville Jail guard beating a mentally ill
jail detainee while restrained in a "Devil's Chair".

I had comment in response to this post today. He stopped by to tell me that he believes me and to tell me about his story... and then all he asks is this:

I'd love a link from your website...just to help make people aware...and I'd be glad to link to you's needs to be are helping...

You see, he's a victim of torture and was strapped into one of the infamous "Devil's Chairs" just like the ones used here in the King County Jail and many other jails in the nation. This restraint chair has been abused by corrections officers all over the nation, as is well documented here, and is still in use today in many county facilities, jails, and juvenile detention centers, where prisoners are still tortured as they were in King County, by guards pepperspraying inmates and then strapping them in without decontaminating them, beating them, or worse... many have even died from this kind of sadistic torture, I'm sad to say.

...and it saddened me to read this person's difficult attempts to find justice after he had been the victim of this devil's chair in Minneapolis.

All he wants from me is a link, I wish I could give him more than that. I wish I could give him justice, give him peace, do more than tell him I believe him and that I know how it feels to relive that torture every day in your mind... day after day. I know how it feels to be denied justice, to feel so isolated just for being tortured in a nation that decries torture occuring in other nations but turns a blind eye to those they torture here within their own borders.

I wish him luck, I wish him peace, and I sincerely hope he finds justice someday... and I hope there is solace in knowing that he is not alone, even though I know he wishes, as do I, that there weren't others who have been through what we have been through... who have been tortured in America and ignored, villified, threatened, and left without a way to find peace... just because we are victims of torture who dare to speak out.

Hopefully, together, we may yet stop the torture... yet for now, we can only hope and keep trying. And I hope that my words bring him some small solace at least.

Here is his site:

Please help us, before you become us... Stop the torture now.

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